Deathly Thrones

A solo print & play roguelike game

This website is dedicated to connect players and creators of Deathly Thrones contents. Using the Quest Editor, everyone can easily create new stories and share their Quests with other players.


These quests are made by the community members. Many thanks to them for creating these fantastic stories.

Date Name Theme Difficulty Designer Link
2022.08.22 Fishing Dexterity Game Mini-Game - Genghis Pawn Zine_Color_Letter Standalone_Color_Letter
2022.08.11 Assassination of the Duke of Belerath Medieval assassination Beginner Thomas Aagaard Zine_Color_A4
2022.08.01 Assault on the Troll King Fantasy Adventure Beginner Nathan Evans Standalone_B&W_A4
2022.07.28 The Wizard’s Stronghold Dungeon Dive Intermediate Some Idiot Games Standalone_B&W_A4


You too, share your own quest with this Share form. Enter your name, the name of your quest with this difficulty level, the theme, and let me a message to know more about it. I will check if the contents is appropriate for everyone and I will share it as soon as possible.

Editor Quest

The Quest editor is a set of spreadsheet files with several tabs that I used to write the quests. You receive this set when you buy Deathly Thrones.

It’s easy to create contents with it and a detailed explanation of its use is available at the Quest Editor - Explanation page.

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