Deathly Thrones

A solo print & play roguelike game

Stretch Goals!

“Finally done.” Stretch Goals A big part of the Kickstarter campaing included the arriving of 3 additional quests few weeks after the end of the campaign. Weeks turned into Months but I am really happy to announce that they are here now. These 3 new Quests form a Trilogy set in a cyberpunk world. I so wanted to be able to create it. Player are a private investigator and they have a case where young children have been dying where it seems that the cops and Medias are covering up the tragedies.

Randomskill Open

Another Shop Few days ago, I received a mail to integrate a print-and-play digital distribution platform. I accepted it and from today, the game is now also available on Randomskill. Differently to DriveThruRPG, only the All In version are available there. If you know anyone who might be interested, don’t hesitate to share this new link. More information are available on the SHOP page. Community contents A new content came today.

DriveThruRPG Open

Open the door Deathly Thrones became a reality with the help of 1,169 backers on Kickstarter. They all received their files a few weeks after the end of the campaign. It’s now the time to make the game available to everyone. The game is now on DriveThruRPG. It is divided into 3 parts: Basic: It contains the rulebook with 3 Quests in PDF format. More: It contains 4 Quests in PDF format.

New Player Quest

New quest! Yesterday, we received a new Quest from Thomas Aagaard named Assassination of the Duke of Belerath. It’s a story about an assassination attempt in a medieval time with an original gameplay mechanics : “the player can choose the path it will use”. As he said, he didn’t have room for an extra rules explanation but it’s self explanatory. After the story text, the player must choose if is going to do the first events array or the second one and so one.

First Community Quests

“What a pleasure to receive them.” Big day! They are here, the first quests created by players! A lot of thanks to Some Idiot Games and Nathan Evans for theses new adventures: The Wizard’s Stronghold Assault on the Troll King Better than all, both of these quests add new mechanics! The Wizard’s Stronghold invite you to use The Thief class with an ability to reverse the attack cards. As for Assault on the Troll King, it offers to roll a 1d10 against stats.


“I hit the send button.” Release day! I am very happy to announce that yesterday, the 19th July 2022, all Kickstarter backers have received a link to their pledged files. Now, this website come to life! This website is dedicated to connect players and creators of Deathly Thrones contents. Using the Quest Editor, everyone can easily create new stories and share their Quests with other players. Explore it in details to know more.